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Zeolites for aquacultural applications from Castle Mountain Zeolites

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Castle Mountain Zeolites  houses natural zeolites that can be used to remove ammonia and phosphorus in aquacultural sectors. They reduce the risk of fish disease and mortality. Zeolites can stabilise the pH and help in improving water quality by making it healthy and clean, suitable for fish.

Natural zeolites from Castle Mountain Zeolites are non-toxic to fish. This is because of their cation exchange property and the capacity to remove toxic ammonia, phosphorus and other unwanted compounds that come from recirculated water, used in commercial aqua farms.

Zeolites can be added to plastic bags and tank truck waters when live fish are transported to increase stock rates. Zeolites can remove harmful ammonia present in the water. Castle Mountain Zeolites provides a range of specific zeolite products, suitable for aquacultural applications.

Zeolites are considered as storehouses for elements like calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. Castle Mountain Zeolites focuses on mining and processing of natural zeolites and producing a range of particle sizes. Castle Mountain Zeolites can also custom-mill Zeolites to suit customers’ requirements.

Castle Mountain Zeolites obtained the APVMA Permit in 2007, allowing the minor use and supply of an Agvet Chemical Product. Castle Mountain Zeolites also acquired a registered product certificate from the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op for its mining, minerals processing, management and transport systems.

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