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Commercial asset financing from Cattle Asset Finance Group

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Cattle Asset Finance Group , also known as CAFG Australease, is specialised in commercial asset finance. The firm is also well- known for its structured lease originators and financiers. Cattle Asset Finance Group has become a leader in the facilitation of technology and equipment financing to both the Government and corporate sectors.

Cattle Asset Finance Group began as part of the Associated Finance Group in 1977 and later in 2004 it was established as CAFG Australease (Cattle Asset Finance Group). The firm is responsible to its underwriting institutions for the lease origination process. At Cattle Asset Finance Group, clients are also provided with cycle billing and department billing, as well as asset tracking and equipment audit services for large accounts.

With years of experience and capacity, Cattle Asset Finance Group is capable of delivering projects requiring specific milestones. Qualified executives at Cattle Asset Finance Group understand the legal and accounting issues inherent in facilitating large asset financing projects.

A typical facility from Cattle Asset Finance Group includes all costs spread over the projected life of the equipment. The terms to public companies can be extended to 7 and 10 years at prime interest rates. Based on the facility of the transaction, either a Director or Associate Director can be assigned to lead the team on large projects.

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