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Lightweight fairway mowers from Cess Hill Industries

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Cess Hill Industries  is an approved distributor of compact lightweight fairway mowers and rotary deck mowers manufactured by John Deere. The lightweight fairway mowers are well-designed with every control option available to the customers. Every control unit of the mower is located on the right hand side console.

The cutting units in the mowers are lifted and lowered by a single lever joystick. The command arm also alerts the operator of any problems in the unit with the four-function monitor feature. As with the steering, the lightweight fairway mowers are designed with tilt steering columns that can be adjusted 38cm from front to back for the most preferred position.

The lightweight fairway mower supplied by Cess Hill Industries has a two-pedal foot control for high speed and direction changes. The mower model also features cruise control functions to maintain the desired forward speed without any foot pressure.

Cess Hill Industries also supplies rotary deck mowers. These are independent deck mowers ideal for sports turf managers. In this mower model, the control units are located at the operator’s fingertips on the right-hand control arm. The maximum mowing speed is 14 kilometres per hour with a maximum transport speed of 20 kilometres per hour.

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