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Artificial cattle breeding centre at Chadwick Downs Cattle Co

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Chadwick Downs Cattle Co  is a well-known artificial breeding centre that can accommodate hundreds of donor cows and 20 bulls for collection. The firm has many quality assurance programs to ensure studs and other commercial cattle meet with current marketing programs.

The artificial breeding centre is an on-property and has received approval from New South Wales Agriculture and AQIS for domestic and export production of semen and embryos. The firm is also licensed with the CDAB Centre for getting licensed semen and embryos available.

At Chadwick Downs Cattle Co, custom collection from customer’s bulls and females is a specialty can also be done. Chadwick Downs Cattle Co also provides Braford Stud. Female studs at Chadwick Downs Cattle Co are selected and purchased for early maturity. Chadwick Downs Cattle Co stud herd can provide quality performance and early maturing cattle that are functional and true to type.

The Poll Hereford Stud has utilised both Australian and North American genetics. These Poll Herefords have also received Champions ribbons at Local, Regional and Royal Shows. The firm is active with Ausmeat Feedlot, Breedplan, Cattlecare, EU Accreditation, MSA and the AJDMAP. Chadwick Downs Cattle Co also operates trucks and trailers to transport feed for the feedlot and to deliver cattle to processors and breeders.

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