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Feedlot services from Chadwick Downs Cattle Co

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Chadwick Downs Cattle Co  offers quality feedlot services for home breed cattle for European Union milk tooth market. The firm has the capacity to offer feedlot for 400 head, and run to Ausment and EU Standards. The feedlot takes yearling steers from 360kilo gram and feeds up to 600kilo gram live weight to meet the 337kilo gram carcass optimum weight.

The feedlot service from Chadwick Downs Cattle Co uses barley and oat based ration along with a range of molasses and additives. The feeding program is calculated with the cattle average a daily weight of 2.32kg over the standard 100-129 day module.

At Chadwick Downs Cattle Co, customers can also find custom feeding of EU accredited cattle at competitive rates. The no-bruise cattle trailers from Chadwick Downs Cattle Co can transport the feedlot cattle from Coonabarabran to the Dinmore Abattoir near Brisbane.

Chadwick Downs Cattle Co based on the central west of New South Wales, operates four properties at Coonabarabran of 5,000ha and a property at Coonamble of 1,100ha. Chadwick Downs Cattle Co can accommodate on-farm feedlot with 400 head. This facility will enable the validation of the breeding programs and to finish home bred yearlings for the high value export markets.

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