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The Australian Braford breed from Chadwick Downs Cattle Co

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Chadwick Downs Cattle Co  offers customers with high quality heat-tolerant and relatively tick-resistant Braford breed suitable for Australian environment. The Australian Braford breed developed in the Rockhampton area by the Rea family. Braford calves grow rapidly and meet a wide variety of markets.

Braford breed is the progeny of Hereford and Brahmans. The breed is a mix of 50 per cent Brahman and 50 per cent Hereford blood. Today there are over 100 000 registered and commercial Brafords, with herds in all states and territories. Braford breed is distributed all over Australia.

In northern areas, Braford breed’s coats are smooth and sleek, but in cool climates their coats tend to be thicker in winter. The breeds have hump, low set pizzle and droopy ears. Braford breed are heat-tolerant. Braford breed in Southern New South Wales have lesser Brahman content. This makes it ideal for feedlot industry because of their feed conversion efficiency and growth rate. Braford breeds are bloat tolerant.

The 54 years old of straight breeding Braford breed can adapt to any kind of environment across the world. A Braford female is well known for the mothering ability and fertility. With good hooding and eye pigmentation Braford breeds are free from eye cancer. Braford breeds are heat and parasite tolerant.

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