Agricultural and Industrial Chains for Demanding Applications from Chain & Drives

High quality Agricultural Chain for various applications
High quality Agricultural Chain for various applications
High quality Agricultural Chain for various applications Hitachi SBR-CR Chain feature a corrosion resistant coating NSI and BS Standard Roller Chain for standard to heavy duty applications FB Chain Wear Gauge effectively measures the percentage of worn chain

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Hitachi Neo SBR, Sedis France chain, REX chain and quality GB chain products

Chain & Drives supply and impressive range agricultural and industrial chains from leading brands. These heavy duty chains are designed to deliver maximum performance and long term durability with high quality construction and corrosion resistant coatings.

Agricultural Chain for harvesting and bailing applications

  • GB Agricultural Chain: Chain & Drives supply all types of agricultural chain including: S32, S42, S52, S62 and associated attachments
  • Chain & Drives also supply harvester, bailer, agricultural equipment chain and attachments including: CA550 and CA557
  • Specialised steel pintle agricultural chain is also available including D667K, D667H, D88K
Heavy Duty Roller Chain with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hitachi SBR-CR Chain is a corrosion resistant series roller chain for medium to high corrosive applicatioins. The coating will not flake or peel preventing contamination of process lines
  • Hitachi NEO-SBR Roller Chain, heavy duty offset side bar Cranking Chain and Conveyor Chains are manufactured in Japan ensuring premium quality roller and conveyor chains. The innovative Neo special double surface treatment  of the pin and bush delivers excellent corrosion and wear and tear resistance
  • Hitachi SBR-Prime Roller Chain increases the maximum allowable load by 30% and delivers longer service life due to compressive residual stress zoning. 
  • NSI and BS Standard Roller Chain including American Standard, British Standard and Stainless Steel Roller Chain. ANSI chain is available in standard, heavy duty and super heavy duty designs and the BS range is available in simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruplex
  • Hitachi NEO-SBR Prime Series Drill Rig Pull Down Chain is designed for heavy duty applications and is available in simplex and duplex and meets all international standards
  • Hitachi Hire Equipment and Earthmoving Drive Chain: Chain & Drives supply Road Roller drive chain, Asphalt Paver chain assemblies and Grader drive chain as well as heavy duty offset side bar crank link chain designed for propel drive track chain assemblies
  • Forkflift and Leaf Chains: Chain & Drives supply a range of leaf chain from trusted brands including Hitachi, GB, Rex and Sedis.  The range includes the BL series, AL series and DIM European standard leaf chains ideal for drill rigs, forklifts and industrial equipment
Chain & drives also offer the FB Chain Wear Gauge which enables you to gauge the percentage of worn chain enabling you to track wear at each service and take the required action. The extensive range of roller chain from Chain & Drives provides the ideal solution to your agricultural and industrial chain requirements.

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