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Centa Couplings, Chain Couplings, Cone Ring Couplings, HRC Couplings, RM Rigid Couplings, Seisa Gear Couplings, GB Tyre Couplings, Fluid Couplings, GS Grid Couplings, GE Curved Jaw Couplings

Engineered with strength and reliability, Chain & Drive’s high performance Industrial Couplings range delivers the quality results to reduce expensive and time consuming maintenance.

Easy to use Chain Couplings
Intelligent double strand roller Chain Coupling design with two sprockets

  • Compact for increased flexibility and transmission capacity
  • Easy connectivity and housing for improved safety and reliability

No maintenance Cone Ring Couplings
Steel pins with conical Flexirings design effectively transfer loads between members

  • Efficient absorption of vibrations for improved torsional flexibility
  • High quality cast iron manufactured for durability

Durable HRC Couplings
Balances power capacities to optimal shaft diameters

  • Installation ease, requiring only a hexagon wrench for immediate use
  • Brief spurts of peak loading are minimised with an innovative flexible element for increased control and safety

Installation made easy RM Rigid Couplings
Effectively designed to join two shafts via a rigid connection

  • Operational support, Rigid Couplings can assist machine assembly for time saving possibilities
  • Secure fitting, TaperFit bushes on driven and driving shaft make removal quick and simple

Reliable elasticity Tyre Couplings
High performance shock and vibration absorption with intelligent compensation ability for parallel and angular misalignment

  • Interchangeable with a variety of leading brands for easy integration
  • Developed dampening for reduced wear and impact on machinery and bearings

Multi-purpose GS Grid Couplings
Lubricated grid coupling capabilities enhanced with high torque capacity and torsional flexibility

  • Increased equipment resilience for reduced costs, maintenance and ongoing damage
  • High powered transmission performance with quiet operation for reduced noise pollution

High quality GE Curved Jaw Couplings
Suitable for hydraulic bell housing drive and high torque applications

  • Reduced weight design for limited inertia
  • Compact, effectively absorbs shock and vibration with machined exterior for long lasting reliability

Torque transmission Seisa Gear Couplings
Reliable torque even when misaligned, effective for mining and industrial applications

  • Durable crowning gear coupling for flexibility and long lasting results
  • Assembly and dismantling made easy with separate center case design for light weight, easy maintenance

Centa Couplings
Harmonic vibration reduction for driven equipment and marine drive couplings.
Versatile Fluid Couplings
A comprehensive range of bare shaft and fitted with v-belt pulley drive Fluid Couplings with delay fill chamber options are available to suit your requirements.

A comprehensive range designed and made to suit you, Chain and Drives also offer reliable Jaw Couplings.

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