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Challenge , also known as Challenge Implements, provides a series of loaders made from high quality steel in every component to provide a high strength, weight ratio and durability. At Challenge, customers can find fifteen loaders in the 21 and 21 series range.

Loaders designed by Challenge are engineered to meet safety requirements of the Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia Code. The 21 and 31 series loaders from Challenge were first launched in 2000 January. Today the series are joined by the21 series model that gives visibility of the 21 series with the strength of the 31 series.

Challenge provides seven 21 series loaders, such as 2021, 2421, 2721, 3021, 3021XW, 4121XXW and 4421XXW models. Each model is suitable for tractors ranging between 13-210kW with a maximum lift heights from 2.0metres to 4.4metres.

Apart from the seven 21 series loaders, Challenge also provides eight 21 series loaders including 3221 and 3221XW Premium, 3521 and 3521 XW Premium, 3821 and 3821 Premium, 4121 and 4121 Premium. These are suitable for tractors ranging between 45-140kW.

Loaders provided by Challenge are designed to handle large number of feed out situations ranging from a large square or round bale of hay to intense operations. Different types of attachments can also be fitted to these loaders. Every model of loaders made from Challenge has mechanical level lift which makes for accurate and safe lifting.

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