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Three-point linkage attachments from Challenge

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Challenge , also known as Challenge Implements, provides a range of three-point linkage attachments suitable for various applications. The different types of products are hay handling, rippers, counterweights and rear end grader blade.

The three-point linkage square bale spike from Challenge was designed to handle large square bales. This three-point linkage square bale spike can be fitted with various tine configurations to suit individual needs. The attachments can be fitted with four tines as standard bale. Every tine can be fitted into a tapered sleeve and it can also be removed.

Challenge also provides conter weights, a three-point linkage product, designed to improve the performance of loaders and tractors combination by offering suitable ballast behind the rear axle. Once weight is applied to the three-point linkage of a tractor, it will give an effective counterbalance by reducing the weight carried by the front tyres, rims and axle.

The three-point linkage counterweight can reduce the front axle load and at the same time if can also move the centre of gravity rearwards and lower to maintain stability. The three-point linkage counterweight from Challenge is supplied without ballast when it is filled with approximately 1000 kilo gram of concrete.

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