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Champion Liquid Feeds is committed to adding value to the rural industry by supplying liquid feed supplements for livestock. Their products have been specially designed to enhance animal health and production. They are a key supplier to feedlots, dairies, pasture fed sheep and cattle, feed mills and the equine industry.


Supplier news
25/02/11 - Equimol liquid feed supplements from Champion Liquid Feeds provide a palatable balanced mix of energy, minerals and vitamins plus Omega 3 oils.
Supplier news
08/07/08 - Champion Liquid Feeds are pioneers in the development of products based on molasses that are specifically designed to add essential minerals, vitamins and protein to enhance the rumen performance and to control intake.
Supplier news
07/07/08 - Champion Liquid Feeds provides high quality Molafos 12 and 15 liquid feed pasture supplements designed for cattle grazing pastures, stubbles or crops.
Supplier news
04/07/08 - Champion Liquid Feeds supplies Molafos transition, a type of ruminant liquid supplement ideally designed for cows rested prior to calving.

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Tel: 1800 333 010
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