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Molafos transition for cows from Champion Liquid Feeds

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Champion Liquid Feeds  supplies Molafos transition, a type of ruminant liquid supplement ideally designed for cows rested prior to calving. The key benefits of Molafos transition are it gives energy, vitamins and minerals. During the resting stage dairy farmers often supplement the ration with hay. This does not prepare the cow well enough for their transition to calving, high milk production, grain feeding and a major environment change.

The transition can prevent milk fever or droopy cow syndrome, Retained placenta and calving difficulties. During the transition stage a cow might need anionic salts, more energy, calcium, magnesium, minerals and trace elements. These are provided by Molafos transition from Champion Liquid Feeds.

The Molafos transition is easy to feed in the paddock as it wont tip over; it is palatable giving a high acceptance rate and it is also easy to measure giving a free flow at any temperature. Champion Liquid Feeds recommends 1 -2kilo grams of Molafos Transition to be feed per day for 3 weeks prior to calving. Molofos transition provides the anionic salts which acidify the blood, precipitating the release of calcium to the lactating cow.

Champion Liquid Feeds is dedicated in adding value to the rural industry by supplying verified liquid feed supplements for livestock. The firm also provides professional technical support to maximise the feed alteration whether on pasture, stubble or feedlot rations.

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