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Molasses from Champion Liquid Feeds

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Champion Liquid Feeds  are pioneers in the development of products based on molasses that are specifically designed to add essential minerals, vitamins and protein to enhance the rumen performance and to control intake. Pastoralists have been using molasses for years as a palatable energy drink for their cattle and sheep to improve dry matter intake.

As sugar is a simple form of carbohydrate and it is readily digestible energy source, Champion Liquid feeds provides readily available energy that helps rumen bacteria break down fibre. The dry content of liquid feeds is a critical measure of the sugar content and energy that is available to the animal.

The energy provided by the molasses are used by the rumen microbes immediately, in addition to the non-protein nitrogen (sugars), phosphorous, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, and trace minerals enhances rumen function by supplying rapidly fermented carbohydrates and nitrogen to rumen bacteria.

Champion Liquid Feeds has developed a range of products based on molasses under the brand name Molafos. These Molafos products provide the energy to enable livestock to convert high protein feed more efficiently. Champion Liquid Feeds is a key supplier to feedlots, dairies, pasture fed sheep and cattle, feed mills and currently to the equine industry.

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