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Chemical crop protection products for cotton plants from Chemtura Australia

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Chemtura Australia  recommends products like mantle fungicide seed dressing, terraclor and uniroyal chemical terraclor cotton seed protectant for cotton crops. The mantle fungicide seed dressing is active against damping off, phytophthora root rot, downy mildew and phytophthora stem rot.

The mantle fungicide seed dressing, a systemic fungicide is ideal for crops like cotton, carrots, chickpeas, beetroot, field peas, lucerne, maize, peas, radishes, soybeans, sub clover and sweet corn. The fungicide is used to control of damping caused by Pythium and Phytophthora spp in crops like cotton, peas, soybeans, lucerne, subterranean clover, beetroot and carrots.
Mantle fungicide can protect seedlings up to 4 weeks after emergence, it ensures optimum crop emergence in crops vulnerable to damping off. When mantle fungicide is absorbed by emerging roots and shoot, it protects the early critical stages of development of the crop. 

Terraclor is a soil fungicide, ideal for the prevention and control of soil-borne fungal diseases of vegetables, cotton, turf, peanuts and ornamentals. According to Chemtura Australia, Terraclor provides a unique dual type of protection. Terraclor can be applied directly onto the soil, in-furrow, or by spraying. 

Terraclor fungicide is active against root and stem rot, stem rot, club rot, southern blight, brown patch, crown rot and black rot. It can be used for crops including cabbage, calendula, beans, begonia, broccoli, bulbous iris, cotton, larkspur, lettuce, peanuts etc. The combination of both Terraclor and Mantle gives an added advantage of controlling damping off caused by Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia in cotton.

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