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Planting equipment from Chesterfield Australia

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Chesterfield Australia  distributes different types of planting equipment manufactured by John Deere. Chesterfield Australia provides MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP planter models featured with unique equipment to give extra performance and productivity.

The MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP planters can be used to get consistently and effectively in the furrow across hectares in less time. The 1700 integral planter models available at Chesterfield Australia are 1700 rigid planter, 1710 vertical-folding planter, 1720 stack-folding planter and 1730 narrow row planter.

Chesterfield Australia also provides 1700 drawn planter models including 1750 drawn conservation planter, 1760/1760NT wing-fold planter, 1770/1770NT ccs front-fold planter, 1780 rigid narrow row planter and 1790 front fold planter. Customers can also find various unique attachments that can give strength and accuracy for their planting equipment from Chesterfield Australia.

The firm also provides customisation of MaxEmerge XP planter model for its customers. The customisation option gives a fine-tune performance for any level of residue. It matches the planting conditions. Chesterfield Australia offers a full range of attachments and accessories to tailor customers’ planters to specific soil types and residue levels.

Attachments like coulters, down-force springs, and closing systems are few of the additional accessories available from Chesterfield Australia. Customers can also find chemical-attachment options for fertiliser, insecticide, and herbicide application.

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