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Black Simmentals bulls from Circle 8 Angus Stud

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Circle 8 Angus Stud  provides healthy Black Simmentals and Angus bulls. Circle 8 Angus Stud bulls are highly disciplined. The firm focuses in delivering heterosis and breed complimentary this unlock the profit masked by inbreeding depression of the pure bred culture.

Circle 8 Angus Stud is customer focuses, the selection of cattle is based on fertility, growth, phenotype, carcass traits, and seeking a balance between quality and yield. Circle 8 Angus Stud operates a production system commercially using only AI and ET.

The production system also involves early weaning to increase stocking rates with a high performance pasture. The wedge crops also supplement growth requirements for the cattle and produce silage. Rotational grazing is encouraged along with aggressive health protocols.

Circle 8 Angus Stud was established in 1956 by Leslie Cooper, who purchased a Red Poll cattle for his herd. The cattle farm grew up in the following years with active business progress. In 2007, the first black Simmental was imported to Australia and in 2007 Circle 8 Angus Stud, registered the first Angus hybrid calves in the Angus herd book. Today Circle 8 Angus Stud is able to provide healthy, fertile breeds including the black simmentals and Angus bull.

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