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Rainwater storage tanks from Clark Tanks

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Clark Tanks  specialises in manufacturing quality polymer rainwater tanks designed to last in tough Australian conditions. The rain water tanks from Clark Tanks is available in wide range of sizes, styles and colours to suit customer specific need and requirement.

Rain water tanks from Clark Tanks are fabricated using pure, food-grade polyethylene materials, designed to meet standards of a quality water storage solutions. The different types of 10000 litre and under rain water tanks includes models like CT225 1000 litre, CT 440 2000 litre, CT 575 2,600 litre, CT 660 3,000 litre, CT 1000 SQ with a 4,500 litre capacity, a CTI 100 , 5000 litre and many more.

Clark Tanks also provides types of slimline tanks like 660SL model with a 3,000 litre capacity, and a 44-SL model with 2,000 litre capacity. Rain water tanks from Clark Tanks are available in a range of attractive colours to complement customer’s house. Colours like merino, beige, light grey, slate grey, heritage red, river gum, mountain blue, black, wheat, heritage green, torris blue, smooth cream and many more are available.

The optional tank accessories include a range of pumps, filters, brass gate valves, leaf strainer cover used to stop sunlight entering the tank and keeps water algae free, and a water diverter kit used to stop the first flush of rain and dust from entering the tank.

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