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Quality hoof products from Clarke Horsehoes

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Clarke Horsehoes  is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high quality horseshoes, hoof supplies, farrier equipment and tools. The two types of hoof treatment products produced by Clarke Horsehoes include mustad tuff stuff and tuff stuff hood dressing. As mustad Group distributors, Clarke Horsehoes offers direct access to customers to its complete range of products including Basic, Derby, O'Dwyer, New Zealand and St Croix.

Mustad tuff stuff manufactured by Clarke Horsehoes can strengthen brittles and cracked hoof walls. It also offers protection against fungus, caustics and bacteria. Mustad tuff stuff helps in maintaining the hoof wall's natural moisture level.

The keratex hoof hardner is another type of hoof product suitable for use on poor quality horn causing premature shoe loss. It is also ideal for all hooved animals. The keratex hoof putty from Clarke Horsehoes is used to seal and stabilise hoof cavities that can be caused due to seedy toe, white line disease and other hoof condition resulting in horn separation. Keratex hoof putty is self adhesive, flexible. Forshner hoof packing can be used to prevent drying of the horny tissue. Clarke Horsehoes recommends customers to apply it two or three times a week.

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