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Stud sires from Clear Hills Southdowns

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Clear Hills Southdowns  provides muscular, tall Southdown studs that are required in today’s prime lamb industry. These Southdown sires are OJD vaccinated. Clear Hills Southdowns produces rams and also imports semen from top New Zealand rams.

Clear Hills Southdowns organises sales for rams from mid October onward. Customers can find the suitable lamb for exporting during the early maturity stage of the animal. Today Southdown is the larger framed long animal that can produce high meat yielding lambs.

Animals provided by Clear Hills Southdowns can produce a high yielding lamb carcass with good meat, bone and fat tissue ratios. Each Southdown breed is scanned with an Ultra-sonic. Meat of Southdown breed is tender and tasty. The meat is rich is zinc and iron content.

Southdown breed from Clear Hills Southdowns has a fine wool quality that is dense and evenly coloured covering the body down to the hocks and knees. Southdown breed can produce a fast growing prime lamb in record time. Customers can contact Graeme Hooper founder of Clear Hills Southdowns regarding their quires regarding Southdown sales and breeding.

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