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Biodegradable irons stain and rust removers from Clearbore

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Clearbore  manufactures biodegradable, cost effective, iron stain removers like X-Fe and X-Fe Forte products. The firm also manufactures clearbore, specifically to save local water bores that were blocked with iron.   Clearbore is a biodegradable granular chemical designed to remove the blockage of sludge that result from dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria.

When clearbore is dissolved and gets exposed to sunlight and atmosphere it breaks the carbon dioxide and water, thus it does not affect the ground. It is completely biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Clearbore was designed to dissolve the sludge and encrustations caused by iron and iron-related bacteria.

Every Clearbore container comes with a test kit that will indicate when the bore water is ready for use after a clearbore treatment. A regular use eliminates the pipeline pigging or a full bore rejuvenation. X-Fe products are used to remove bore water, iron and rust stains from tiles, toilets etc. It can also be used to treat difficult vertical surfaces such as shower enclosures, glass windows, colour bond fences and even boats.
X-Fe Forte helps to remove iron and rust stains from porous surfaces such as sandstone and concrete paving. Both X-Fe and X-Fe Forte are user-friendly products with no astringent fumes, completely biodegradable and very cost effective. The X-Fe products can simply be applied onto the surface, it does not need scrubbing.

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