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Rust stain remover from Clearbore

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Clearbore  provides iron and rust stain remover called X-Fe used to remove iron and rust stains easily without the hard scrubbing. The X-Fe works by dissolving the iron that causes the stain, when metals are used for bore water applications. The X-Fe products can simply be applied onto the surface, it does not need scrubbing.

X-Fe can be used to clean ceramic tiles and porcelain, outdoor furniture, boats and other non-porous surfaces. Clearbore also provides X-Fe Forte suitable for concrete, driveways, sandstone and other porous surfaces. X-Fe products can remove wherever iron or rust stains occur.

X-Fe products have a pleasant aroma and are completely biodegradable. Both X-Fe and X-Fe Forte are available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers at Clearbore. One litre of X-Fe can cover 16 to 20 metre square and as with X-Fe Forte, it depends on the porosity of the material.

After the initial removal of the stain X-Fe needs only to be applied when the stain reappears. X-Fe stain remover can be incorporated into a regular cleaning programme and it is not necessary to use X-Fe every day. Both X-Fe and X-Fe Forte are user-friendly products with no astringent fumes, completely biodegradable and very cost effective.

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