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Water bore and pump cleaners from Clearbore

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Clearbore  provides effective solutions for rusty iron products like Clearbore to clean water bores and water pumps. Clearbore is a biodegradable granular chemical designed to remove the blockage of sludge that result from dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria.

Clearbore can dissolve the blockage easily; this allows the pumps to function in its normal mode. Clearbore can be used on surface mounted pumps with equal success. Clearbore can also be utilised to dissolve the iron build-up in a reticulation system. It can also help with the production of water from a bore.

Clearbore can be used regularly as it is a cost effective solution. A regular use eliminates the pipeline pigging or a full bore rejuvenation. Every Clearbore container comes with a test kit that will indicate when the bore water is ready for use after a Clearbore treatment.

Clearbore is designed to dissolve the sludge and encrustations caused by iron and iron-related bacteria. The recommended time for Clearbore is six hours. Clearbore is non-volatile and safe to use even though it is a toxic product. A material safety data sheet is available with every pack. Clearbore also manufactures two iron stain removers namely X-Fe for non-porous surfaces and X-Fe Forte for porous surfaces.

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