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Coopworth sheep stud from Clifton Hill Coopworths

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Clifton Hill Coopworths , also known as Clifton Hill Coopworth sheep stud, is a member of Coopworths Sheep Society of Australia focussing on producing maternal sires for commercial lamb producers. Coopworth breed has been included into the sheep bred from white faced breeds other than the Romney, by continued top crossing with Coopworth rams.

The crossing of the Romney ewe with the Border Leicester ram produced F1 Border- Romney and the subsequent inter-breeding of them gave F2 and F3 generation progeny, which was registered as Coopworths. Every lamb are weighed, tagged and recorded at birth. According to Clifton Hill Coopworths, heavy selection pressure is placed on the flock for its growth rate, eye muscle development and the number of lambs weaned. The flock from Clifton Hill Coopworths are MN2 accredited free of OJD and carries eight insurance based credit points for OJD.

At Clifton Hill Coopworths, every ram gets for eye muscle, fat cover and measured for scrotal circumference when they are 11 months old. The team at Clifton Hill Coopworths monitors the internal parasite resistance by recording individual faecal egg counts from all weaners. By mid-October, young rams from Clifton Hill Coopworths are available for sale and they are priced based on the index rating. Currently Clifton Hill Coopworths flocks can be found in Bellarine Peninsula east of Geelong.

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