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Healthy studs from Clout Creek Dorpers

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Clout Creek Dorpers  focuses on producing healthy high quality Dorper breeds. The breeding programme was built up to achieve quality in muscle, meat and shedding. Clout Creek Dorpers started to breed Amarula in 2003 and later Springvale and Kaya in 2007. This developed the dominant dorper genetics.

According to Clout Creek Dorpers, the reason for people to choose dorpers among the meat industries in Australia includes its fast growth rate and desirable EBVs, the breeding value index. Dorpers are non selective grazing as it eats most weeds and grasses. Dorpers have high fertility and can also produce three lambings in two years.

The quality assurance of Dorpers from Clout Creek Dorpers can be maintained through an international classification system. Dorpers have strong mothering instinct and milk supply. Dorpers also give high quality skin and leather that give an additional 20 per cent of carcass value in South Africa and a growing market in Australia. Dorpers readily adapt to all climatic zones.

Dorpers produced by Clout Creek Dorpers have tender and juicy meat, they do not have any shearing, muelsing, crutching or flystrike. Dorpers can also be used by wool producers for prime lamb income. Clout Creek Dorpers provides a black head Dorper and a White Dorper with a white head.

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