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Healthy Angus cattle from Clunie Range Angus Stud

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Clunie Range Angus Stud  was established in 1988 and has been breeding Angus cattle for over 40 years. Today, Clunie Range Angus Stud runs over 700 breeders including the Killara at Coolatai, and the commercial herd is run on Springfield at Wallangra.

The different types of sires available at Clunie Range Angus Stud includes, Clunie Range Ventura V20, sire Alberda Traveler 416, Ca future direction sire GAR Precision 1680, Farrer vibrant V45 sire, B/R new design 036, Gardens highmark sire the scotch cap OB45, clunie range xplorer X14 sire the ca future direction 5321 and a New frontier 095 sire.

The Golden Angus product from Clunie Range Angus Stud targets a significant part of the market in South Korea that was earlier dominated by the USA. It demanded well marbled carcase with superior meat colour, fat colour and carcase yield.

The Golden Angus was established with a strong quality taste and clean green healthy image of Australia has contributed. Clunie Range Angus Stud follows simple breeding conditions under tough circumstance that will ensure a healthy fertile herd. Clunie Range Angus Stud uses a large-scale AI and ET program that increases performance in the paddock and feedlot and producing superior meat quality for consumers.

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