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Horticulture products from Colin Campbell (Chemicals)

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Colin Campbell (Chemicals)  provides a range of horticulture products including Apollo Miticide, Armobreak and many more that protect agricultural crops. Apollo Miticide can be used to control Twospotted and other mites usually found in various agricultural crops. Apollo Miticide is an ovicidal miticide that has 500 grams of Clofentezine per litre.

Armobreak is an adjuvant used to improve the nitrogen uptake at later stages in apple, nashis, custard apples, cherries, grape vines, persimmons and even low chill stonefruit to increase its flowering ability. Armobreak is effective with its alkoxylated fatty alkylamine polymer ingredient.

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) also provides Armogan, a nitrogen from Armobreak. Armogan is a liquid nitrogen-based product that can be combined with Armobreak to induce budbreak in apples, grapevines and nashis. The Bacchus WG biological insecticide is another horticultural product from Colin Campbell (Chemicals) used against Lepidopterous larvae.

Benthion 200 SC insecticide is also a horticultural product used to protect crops. Cheers 720 SC fungicide is a broad spectrum fungicide used to control fungal diseases in various vegetables, fruits and nut crops. Goldazim 500SC fungicide is also a fungicide used to control various fungal diseases that could rise in various fruts, vegetables, truf and other crops.

The other types of horticultural products from Colin Campbell (Chemicals) include Penncap-M flowable Microencapsulated insecticide, Proplant fungicide, Pyrinex 500 WP insecticide, Raynox water softner, Tridim 250 EC fungicide and many more. Products supplied by Colin Campbell (Chemicals) provide solutions to all orchard fruit, vegetables and other crops.

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