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Recreational turf products from Colin Campbell (Chemicals)

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Colin Campbell (Chemicals)  provides suitable product solutions for grapevines, recreational turfs, vegetables and other agricultural crops. The different types of recreational turf products include the Blazon Non Staining Spray Colourants, Cyon 275 SC Fungicide, Dacogreen 720 Flowable Fungicide and many more.

The Blazon Non Staining Spray Colourant is used with spray equipment to indicate areas that have been sprayed. The Cyon 275 SC Fungicide is used on recreational turfs as it has an active procymidone ingredient that treats various fungal diseases. The Dacogreen 720 Flowable Fungicide is effective in controlling dollar spots and brown patches on turfs. For over 30 years, the Dacogreen Fungicide has been used on Australian turfs.

The DEK DF Fungicide from Colin Campbell (Chemicals) can be used to control anthracnose, Fusarium, Helminthosporium and other diseases that are normally seen in turfs. Every kilogram of DEK DF Fungicide contains 750 grams of Mancozeb. Colin Campbell (Chemicals) also provides the Goldazim 500SC Fungicide to control diseases in fruits, vegetables and other crops. 

The Passtox Flowable Herbicide is used to prevent and control problems such as Paspalum, Summer grass and Mullumbimby couch. Colin Campbell (Chemicals) supplies high quality crop protection products and post harvest treatments to Australian horticulture and recreational turfs.

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