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Infeed equipment from Colour Vision Systems

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Colour Vision Systems  develops fruit packing systems and different types of infeed systems for fruit pack houses. The range of infeed systems designed by Colour Vision Systems includes bin tipper, pre sort tables, drying tunnel, washers, fungicide applicators, feed belts and wax applicator.

The bin tipper systems are important for packing line and moving the fruits out of its standard size field bins into the infeed system. The bin tipper features with a non- hydraulic part and it is suitable for all types of fruit that require gentle bin exit. The bin tipper systems are fully automatic and can handle/4 and 1/2 size bins.

The pre sort tables from Colour Vision Systems can produce a range of solutions. The firm also provides simple drying tunnel an effective solution designed for drying a large variety of fruit and vegetables. Customers can also contact skilled engineers at Colour Vision Systems to design and produce a drying tunnel based on customer requirement.

Colour Vision Systems also develops the CVS2000 wax applicator that gives a consistent shine of wax across every fruit. The CVS2000 wax applicator is designed for unstoppable reliability by implementing certain features like no plastic components, no shafts to break and no bearings to seize.

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