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Combined Rural Traders’ Grow Force presents Flowfeed For Cattle. The various formulae are designed to be administered via water medication equipment to the drinking troughs for cattle or sheep.

Balanced Nutrition - Either nitrogen/sulphur or nitrogen/phosphorus/ sulphur can be administered from bags of a pre-mixed formula.

Easy to use - Flowfeed is readily soluble to 25kg per 100 litres in water. Its ease of use and less labour requirement compared with blocks, allows medication to be easily applied when required.

Economic - Comparisons favour Flowfeed through the drinking troughs in most situations, however, for full effectiveness it is important not to have other sources of surface water.

Improved Productivity - Will occur in all areas but particularly so in phosphorus deficient areas. Body weight can be maintained or increased with non-protein nitrogen, even where protein levels of the pasture have deteriorated.

Acidic Formulae Available - In alkaline bore water, medicated non-protein nitrogen can sometimes be lost due to its conversion to gaseous ammonia. Acidified Flowfeed formulae are available to help prevent this loss.

Choosing a Product

Soil, plant, water and faecal analysis are available to help determine which formula of Flowfeed to use. Is the pasture growing on soil deficient in phosphorus? Has the pasture been depleted of its protein? Is bore water being used? What is the nitrogen and phosphorus status of the soil? Are additional elements required e.g. calcium, copper or zinc? Faecal analysis can be used to help determine the supplementary N and P needs of a herd. When faecal Nitrogen levels are < 1.3% on a dry matter basis, supplementation should begin.

The amount of phosphorus needed will vary during the season. To determine the phosphorus status of the herd, take dung samples from wet cows. To build up a profile on phosphorus, take samples from different areas of the property.

Blends Available

Formula I + TE: A water medication treatment to supply non-protein nitrogen and sulphur, for ruminants grazing on protein deficient pasture.

Formula II: An acidified source of non-protein nitrogen and sulphur for use in slightly alkaline drinking water.

Formula III: An acidified source of non-protein nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus for use in alkaline drinking water.

Formula IV + TE: A water medication treatment to supply phosphorus for ruminants grazing on phosphorus deficient pasture. Can be combined with Formula I + TE when no-protein nitrogen is also required.

Trace Elements

In areas where the soils are also deficient in trace elements, these deficiencies can be corrected by adding water-soluble chelated trace elements to the medicated water concentrate.

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