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Greater Crop Return With Ruralco’s Simplot Simphos

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Ruralco’s (Combined Rural Traders ) Simplot Simphos is a concentrated liquid fertiliser containing high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. Simplot Simphos can substitute solid fertilisers such as MAP and DAP at plant in broadacre and horticultural situations.

Simplot Simphos provides available phosphorus early in the crop cycle required for root development and growth. Simplot Simphos’ unique polymer structure and form can overcome availability issues in phosphate retentive soils to maximise fertiliser efficiency. This includes soil that is high in Calcium and Iron. The polymer structure also has the ability to sequester trace elements in the soil profile. This releases other nutrients to give a greater return from the application.

The Function of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is the major building block in protein and chlorophyll. It is also essential for lipid and cytoplasm formation. Highly mobile in the plant, nitrogen is translocated to new growth. Yellowing of leaves and stunted growth are the main deficiency symptoms.

The Function of Phosphorous

Phosphorus acts as a structural component of nucleic acids, and phospholipids, which form, plant membranes. It is also important in cell division, and energy transfer due to the formation of ATP and ADP. Lack of growth in shoots and roots is symptomatic of phosphorus deficiency.

Phosphorus can be affected by pH, Phosphate retentive soils and low phosphorus reserves.

Simplot Simphos can also be foliar applied as well as fertigated.

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