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OSKA Professional farm and gardening tools and equipment available from Combined Rural Traders (CRT)
02.03.2011 - Available from Combined Rural Traders (CRT) retailers, the OSKA Professional range of high quality farm and gardening tools has been developed in consultation with renowned manufacturers.
Greater Crop Return With Ruralco’s Simplot Simphos
17.08.2006 - Ruralco’s Simplot Simphos is a concentrated liquid fertiliser containing high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen and can substitute solid fertilisers at plant in broadacre horticultural situations.
New Magnum 44 from Combined Rural Traders’ is Essential for Healthy Crop Nutrition
17.08.2006 - Magnum-P44 is a revolutionary fertiliser that comes in the form of a white crystalline powder and is completely water-soluble.
Fix Copper Deficiencies in Broadacre, Horticulture, Orchards, Vineyards with Crop Protection from CRT
17.08.2006 - Combined Rural Traders’ Grow Force presents a high quality 50% flowable red copper oxide formulation to assist in the correction of copper deficiencies in broadacre, horticulture, orchards and vineyards.
Flowfeed for Cattle
17.08.2006 - Flowfeed For Cattle. The various formulae are designed to be administered via water medication equipment to the drinking troughs for cattle or sheep.
High Analysis Suspension Fertiliser to Assist Effective Uptake in Foliar and Fertigation Applications.
17.08.2006 - GF Rediflow P is a unique liquid suspension NPK fertiliser to improve Phosphorus and Potassium levels in fruiting and cereal crops.
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