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Safety windmill towers from Comet Windmills Australia

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Comet Windmills Australia  produces high quality windmill towers that provide adequate strength and complete safety in storms. These windmill towers are designed with four posts using heavy steel that enables the windmill to stand solidly. At Comet Windmills Australia all tower parts are designed with a high safety factor.

Windmill towers are designed with a wide spread and 4-point anchorage gives better stability and more working room. Towers from Comet Windmills Australia are made in heights ranging from 20 to 60 feet. Comet Windmills Australia also provides mill heads that is adapted to fit on to Southern Cross to three posts towers.

The particulars that need to be focused are the size of pumps and delivering the pipe in use, the type of pump, size and height of existing mill, the number of legs either 3 or 4. The legs need to be either in 60 degree or 90 degree angle. Customers can contact Comet Windmills Australia in designing a quality system to suit their requirement and specific needs.

Every windmill designed by Comet Windmills Australia act directly with strength and efficiency. This method needs only one rotation of the wheel to produce one pump stroke. Comet Windmills Australia makes use of the available amount of power from the common light winds and starts pumping in the lightest breeze.

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