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Agricultural business planning services consultancy from ConsultAg

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The highly skilled professional team of agricultural consultants employed at ConsultAg provide a complete range of technical, financial and business planning services suitable for both families and businesses involved in agriculture. ConsultAg is committed to agriculture and rural communities.

These professionals can help customers in maximising their profits through research backed information based on customer’s business and independent productivity. Quality services provided by ConsultAg includes farm management, agronomy, financial management, feasibility analysis, business planning, succession planning, research, field days and seminars, newsletters, group facilitation and agricultural support systems.

In the farm management service from ConsultAg, customers are assisted in managing their available resources to achieve a profitable return for their business. The resource is categorised in to human (labour management, management skills and practices), capital (like capital allocation, gearing), land (efficient and sustainable use) and plant (lease, hire, contract or cost effective purchases).

Customers can also find independent agronomic services that includes rotational planning, gross margin analysis of cropping and animal enterprises, input planning (fertiliser and pesticide), herbicide resistant management and many more. The agronomic planning from ConsultAg is always backed by an in paddock checks based on seasonal requirements.

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