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Agricultural steel products from Coolamon Steelworks

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Coolamon Steelworks  manufactures an extensive of steel products, suitable for various agricultural applications. Products such as mobile round bale movers, rubber-tyred rollers, hydraulic rubber- tyred rollers, squareline trailed rakes and harrows are fabricated at Coolamon Steelworks.

Rubber-tyred rollers produced by Coolamon Steelworks are used to prepare better seed beds. These rubber-tyred rollers are suitable for peas and other small seeds. Each rubber-tyred roller is designed with a compact roller model that is required for shallow seed planting. This results in better germination. Rubber-tyred rollers are available in both single or gang design to suit most machines. If required barrels can be filled with sump oil, that gives extra weight.

The hydraulic rubber- tyred roller manufactured at Coolamon Steelworks can also be used to prepare seed beds. This model features with hydraulic folding wings, hydraulic lift swivel road wheels, spiral welded barrels measuring 3 millimetres and self aligning bearings.

Hydraulic rubber- tyred rollers can press down large clods and stones for better harvesting conditions. Squareline trailed rakes provided by Coolamon Steelworks are designed with front wheels and completely enclosed finger wheels that gives a clean and gentle raking.

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