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Coopers Animal Health  provides a range of vaccines, antibiotics, lice protection, worm control, disinfectants, fly and tick treatments suitable for sheep, cattle, goats, deer, circus animals and other animals. Clout-S is one such product used for the treatment of backline to control body lice on sheep, sucking lice and biting lice on goats.

Clout-S is a water based product that can applied off shears preventing the risk of infecting shear cuts. Coopers 4-IN-1DIP is used for controlling lice, itch mites, keds and blowfly strike that are normally found on sheep. It is four in one because it can be used to control four different parasites in one dip. Coopers 4-IN-1DIP contains a bacteriostat that can control post dipping lameness. The Diazinon used in Coopers 4-IN-1DIP gives effective control of keds, lice and blowfly strike.

Customers are requested not to add any wetting agents to Coopers 4-IN-1DIP as it could alter the stripping quality of the dip. Coopers Animal Health also provides Coopers easy-dose to control house fly, lice and stable flies on beef and dairy cattle. This Coopers easy-dose is water based used to control flies for up to 6 weeks and lice for 8 weeks after treatment.

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