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Vaccines for domestic animals from Coopers Animal Health

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Coopers Animal Health  provides a wide range of vaccines to control various diseases by immunising the animal and increasing its resistance against diseases. The different types of vaccines include Footvax, Guardian 3 in 1 plus selenium, Guardian 6 in 1, Guardian 6 in 1 plus selenium, Guardian Campylobacter vaccine for sheep.

Footvax helps in controlling by preventing and treating footrot found in sheep. Footvax vaccine contains an oily adjuvant that ensures the consistent of immunity. It also contains 10 strains of Dichelobacter nodosus to aid in the control of footrot normally found in sheep and lambs.

Guardian 3 in 1 Plus Selenium vaccine from Coopers Animal Health is used to immunise animals like sheep (all age group) against Enterotoxaemia (Pulpy Kidney), clostridial diseases (Tetanus) and cheesy gland in sheep. It also protects lamb against Selenium deficiency.

Guardian Campylobacter Vaccine provided by Coopers Animal Health is a vaccine suitable for sheep against Campylobacter fetus fetus, which is an antigen. This vaccine reduces the sporadic between conception and lambing. Users are requested to avoid abortion storms caused by Campylobacter fetus fetus that can inflict lamb losses.

Coopers Animal Health also provides Piliguard Pinkeye vaccine to prevent pinkeye found in cattle that is caused by the Moraxella bovis (bacteria). It can be used in every class of cattle over 1 week of age. A single dose can provide seasonal long protection.

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