CopRice supplies a range of animal feed for horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, and chickens. CopRice animal feed contains macro minerals, vitamins and trace elements to achieve improved performance through improved animal health and nutrition.


Supplier news
30/07/08 - CopRice provides healthy pet food that does not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. These pet food products contain essential requirement such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support good health.
Supplier news
29/07/08 - CopRice provides the NutriRice horse feed, a nutritionally balanced diet with rice, rice bran, minerals, vitamins and other quality ingredients. NutriRice is known as a modern approach in horse feeding applications. With NutriRice, there is no need f
Supplier news
28/07/08 - CopRice provides rice-based nutritious horse feed products like CopRice Horse M Pellets, CopRice Horse G Pellets and CopRice Cool Conditioner Horse and pony Pellets. These products are produced to meet various high technical quality standards that en

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CopRice® NutriRice

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