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Genetic value prime lamb rams from Coronga

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Coronga  have been providing healthy genetic value prime lamb rams since 1994. Rams are produced with advanced genetic applications in artificial breeding programmes each year. Today, Coronga stocks above 400 White Suffolk ewes. Dams available for this year include elite indexing ewes by Linden 4878, Ashmore 50, Waratah 15, Ellamatta 3/171, Coronga 3/300 and Woolumbool 433 plus maidens by Coronga 6/21.

At Coronga, each lamb is tagged with its birth weight and weaning weight. Later these lambs are assessed by Lambplan SGA for their weight, fat, muscle and scrotal size at post-weaning. The lambing period at Coronga is between July to September. Every sheep at Coronga are certified with MN3V in OJDMAP at 8 points and Brucellosis accredits.

Coronga have organised an Open Day ram sale on August 22nd 2008. Healthy White Suffolk rams produced by Coronga will be available for sale. Customers can visit the official website of Coronga to view the detailed analysis of private treaty rams for sale all day, extra select rams and Top select sale rams. Customers can request for ram catalogues and other sale related information.

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