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ACROBAT fungicide from Cotton Growers Services (CGS)

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Cotton Growers Services (CGS)  provides different varieties of fungicides including the ACROBAT, suitable for various commercial applications. ACROBAT is a systematic fungicide from Nufarm that can control various crop diseases including downy mildew observed in oilseeds, lettuce, grapevines, cucurbits, onions and poppies. ACROBAT can also be used to control blights observed in potatoes.

ACROBAT fungicide, supplied by Cotton Growers Services (CGS), can be used by mixing it with protectant fungicides such as Mancozeb or BASF POLYRAMR DF fungicide spray. ACROBAT fungicide is a dimethomorph-based product that can inhibit fungal cell wall formations. It belongs to the cinnamic acid derivative chemical group.

ACROBAT fungicide should be applied to the underside of leaves and young grape bunches. It can be applied with a sprayer, designed to spray high volumes of water that matches the crop. The required water can be determined by various tests on the volume of the sprayer.

The sprayer must be operated in a way that it offers even coverage all over the crop canopy. Customers need to determine an appropriate dilute spray volume for crop canopies by calculating the mixing rate. ACROBAT fungicide from Cotton Growers Services (CGS) can be tank-mixed with MVP Bio-encapsulated Insecticide, Lorsban EC, Dipel Forte, Kocide or DELAN Fungicide. ACROBAT fungicide should not be mixed with strong alkaline or acidic materials.

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