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Draper Pick up Front from Countrywide Engineering

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Countrywide Engineering  provides the effective Draper Pick up Front, designed to withstand Australian crop harvesting conditions. It is capable of handling crops in heavy and difficult windrows. Draper Pick up Front model is designed with components and configuration focusing to manage the in-field windrow harvesting of canola, lupins and cereals.

Each Draper Pick up Front model features with a two belt four driven roller system that can effectively deliver the maximum driving to pick belts with the capacity to remove windrow lumps without stalling. Draper Pick up Front provided by Countrywide Engineering is made of a strong and long-lasting framework with greaseable bearings and taper-lock sprockets.

It is equipped with anti-flutter control, adjustable-height stubble ( for damage protection), user friendly wind along with cover guards. Draper Pick up Front model is specifically designed to handle windrows both heavy and difficult. The overall width of Draper Pick up Front model measures 5.04 metres, its pick up width measures around 3.65 metres with an additional 0.60 metres of extra coverage.

The Draper Pick up Front drive features with a PTO shaft for table auger, hydraulic motor for pick up, double fibre plate slip clutch for protection. The machine approximately weighs 1,200 kilograms. Customers can add trailer to it, as trailer is an optional feature.

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