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Electric scooter transporters from Countrywide Engineering

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Countrywide Engineering , with its innovative engineering solutions, provides the electric scooter transporter, designed with a slide-in locking bars to secure the scooter during transportation. This electric scooter transporter is available with an optional vinyl scooter cover that can fold-up castoring frame during removal and mounting of a carrier from the vehicle.

The electric scooter carrier can be fitted easily into the vehicle by using the fold-up carrier-handling frame supplied with the carrier. With the carrier, it is easy for customers to easily load and unload the scooter. The carrier can be carried by Haymen-Reese or any other similar machine with tow bars. It connects the trailer with electric plug. This carrier can also be electrically tilted for both loading and unloading the scooter. It requires very less physical effort.

For the carrier to meet the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority’s requirements, it is necessary to have a bike rack type that is duplicated with a RTA number plate. This plate has to be fitted to the vehicle’s plate, a tow bar is a must. The overhang rear of these vehicles need a back axle and the vehicle wheel base should measure 3.7 metres of overhang.

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