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Cowbank offer herd leasing services

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Cowbank  specialise in herd leasing to dairy farmers in Australia. Cowbank are not normal bankers and they are a cow leasing company who can help clients to gain profit even during tough times. People who have financial, agricultural and strategic skills work at Cowbank and they show a blend of skills from dairy farming to investment banking. 

Cowbank offer livestock leasing and not finance through a livestock mortgage. The lease is not linked by mortgage to land also. An operating lease can be for a term of five years. Leasing is an alternative that many dairy farmers are familiar with and Cowbank have helped the dairy farmers. 

Cowbank have extended their full support to low cost milk producers. Cowbank help the diary farmers to grow four tonnes of grass per cow. Cowbank help the dairy farmers to maintain an infrastructure that allows cows to move freely from feed to shed and through the shed. 

The  dairy operator is provided with an adviser who understands the requirements and provide guidance accordingly. Annual and interim audits are organised by Cowbank to check the health condition of cows.

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