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Herd leasing for dairy farmers from Cowbank

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Cowbank  specialise in herd leasing, managing and advisory services for dairy farmers. The bank has leased over 38,500 cows to about 210 dairy farmers all over South-east Australia. Currently the farm management business at Cowbank operates seven dairy farms equipped with over 5,000 healthy cows. The lease term is for five years and 60 monthly lease payment facility is given to customers.

Cowbank focuses in understanding dairy business and assist in adding value for their customers (dairy farmers). Cowbank works with customers, who can grow grass, take care of their cows and those who have the ability to be sustainable low cost milk producers.

Cowbank offer livestock leasing and not finance through a livestock mortgage. Lease provided by Cowbank is not linked by mortgages to land. The firm is an asset financier with a living asset. All cows at Cowbank are tagged with NLIS tags. Cowbank takes annual or more frequent audits of herd to check for their cow condition and its identification.

The operator can manage all aspects of dairy farm business, the farm can grow over 4.0 tonnes of grass per cow and this grass is managed for its optimal quality and the largely framed herd weighs 580 kilograms or more. These are few of the features of sustainable low cost milk producer provided by Cowbank. For further details regarding livestock leasing information, customers can visit the official website of Cowbank.

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