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Airseeder tillage equipment from Crabtree Agricultural Consulting

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Crabtree Agricultural Consulting  recommends airseeder tillage equipment, designed with advanced seeding technology for the distribution of seeds and fertilisers in fields. The Seed Hank SH 21 cart features three tanks with capacities of 10,500 litres, 3,500 litres and 7,000 litres, respectively. The SH 21 can be used in between the tow or behind the tow position.

Rollers used in the airseeders are easy to alter for accurate metering purposes, while using a wide range of agricultural products such as fertilisers and seeds that have varying sizes, densities and shapes. All rollers are made from quality polyurethane, suitable for gentle handling of seeds.

The valve placed below each metre gets activated by a single lever that controls the rod. Valve position can be changed as the products are directed to either the upper or lower side of the air lanes. This facility allows the mixing of products with the seeds. A half width shut-off valve can be used for narrow strips that saves the seeds and fertilisers.

The Seed Hank SH 21, recommended by Crabtree Agricultural Consulting, is easy to operate. It is designed with an open frame that provides clear visibility and access to all parts of the machine. The hydraulic floating openers can provide an unrivalled control over depth without the need for flexing frames.

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