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Practical workshops from Crabtree Agricultural Consulting

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Experts from Crabtree Agricultural Consulting conduct two-day practical workshops for overcoming water repellent soils. The Claying Non-wetting Soils programme was held on 12th and 22nd October 2007 at Harrismith and Darkan respectively.
This programme was presented by Daniel Morgan and Bill Crabtree. With five years of experience and a strong understanding of claying issues, Daniel also organised several workshops for local farmers across Geranium region. Daniel Morgan provides workshops on claying in 325 millimetres rainfall. Bill Crabtree from Crabtree Agricultural Consulting is a Master Degree holder. He focuses on managing water repellent soils and provides consultancy service in Northarn. 

Sandy soils are a problem for both environment and agriculture applications, because they are susceptible to water and wind erosions. Since over 2 million hectares of area in Western Australia is covered by sandy and non-wetting soil, there is a lot of problem caused.

Crabtree Agricultural Consulting have organised this workshop to help farmers in overcoming sandy issues and gain a profitable yield. Benefits of claying sandy soils include the increase in nutrients and organic matters, improvement in the germination of crops and weed, support for herbicide activity and the control of erosions. This procedure increases 50 per cent of the yield.

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