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Workshops on wide row crop agronomy from Crabtree Agricultural Consulting

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Crabtree Agricultural Consulting  provides practical workshops to assist farmers with wide row crop agronomy. These workshops are provided only on customer request. Crabtree Agricultural Consulting offers its practical wide row farming workshops with experienced presenters such as Scott Mc Calman, Neale Postlethwaite, Bill Crabtree and Dr. Warwick Felton.

Scott Mc Calman is an innovative farmer who inspired several other farmers across WA when he gave a speech at a few WANTFA events. He is an expert in no-tiller and controlled traffic. Neale Postlethwaite has an Ag Science degree and is an experienced agronomist. He has over 18 years of experience of no-till applications. 

Bill Crabtree is a private agronomist, working with Crabtree Agricultural Consulting in Northam. He is also a promoter of no-till and wide rows across the nation. He holds a masters and Ag degree from the University of Western Australia. Warwick Felton, an experienced researcher in the weed management sector. He has extensive knowledge about shields and sprayer technology.

According to the team at Crabtree Agricultural Consulting, wide rows can be adopted by better triazine efficacy that stimulates the germination of weeds. The shields can create versatility and are available in different options for farmers to choose from, based on their requirements. Wide rows can be adopted as they require less herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

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