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MF series of tractors with high horsepower available from Cracker Holdings

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Cracker Holdings  distributes effective agricultural machinery including the MF series tractors, designed with high horsepower capacities. The tractors are provided by Cracker Holdings are manufactured by Massey Ferguson and are categorised into high, medium and low horsepower tractors.

MF 8400 model is a high horsepower tractor designed with a Quadlink suspension. The tractor has an auto guide steering, fingertip spool valve control and a video image display. A three tier component engine with four valves for every cylinder is also found in each MF 8400 model. The automatic steering used in this tractor helps in preventing the overlaps, thus saving time and fuel.

MF 7400 model supplied by Cracker Holdings is another high horsepower tractor available with an optional Datatronic three information systems, a control and a cost management system. It features with dual stage suspended cab, suspended front axle, a newly designed front axle support and electronic and field management systems among others.

Cracker Holdings also distributes the MF 6400 tractor, which has a new and pivoting bonnet. A removable secure data memory system in conjunction with Datatronic 3 is used in this tractor. A new cooling package with pivoting radiators is also available for better access. This model has a boosted performance combined with good lugging ability.

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