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OliNet for harvesting seeds from Crendon Machinery

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Crendon Machinery  provides OliNet, a harvesting aid for collecting olives, pistachio nuts and other seeds. The OliNet features a folding arm that can automatically turn into a sealing system. It can also be funnelled into storage tubs. The OliNet is fast and easy to operate. The basic advantages of this system is there is no contamination from soil or animal droppings, this net seals around tree trunk and over-lapping join.

With OliNet fruits can be stored in easy-to-handle and accessible tubs. It is also easy to manoeuvre from tree to tree with good visibility for repositioning, it has a minimal bruising of fruit and its arms can be changed to fit larger nets.

The OliNet from Crendon Machinery can be adjusted with a steering wheel that can be done by hands. The steering wheel is 15 inches in size and has an auto park brake. After positioning OliNet, it is overturned into the trunk of the tree. Its arms are locked into position and automatically sealing the trunk with over-lapping elastic joins. This prevents any loss of fruit when it is ready for harvesting.

Once the harvesting is complete, the arms can be unlocked and swung back to allow the OliNet to be moved to the next tree. At Crendon Machinery the OliNets are available with a 6.5-metre, 5.5-metre or 4-metre sizes. Customers can also request for a size of choice. 

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