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SQUIRREL models with side swing cage features from Crendon Machinery

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Crendon Machinery  provides the 35 5 SQUIRREL, designed for orchard farmers for picking and pruning trellised orchards. The 35 5 SQUIRREL features a high platform that can reach approximately 5.5 metres, ideal for orchards. It is also available with a diesel engine.

The SQUIRREL from Crendon Machinery comes along with a side swing cage that can be rotated to any direction from left or right. With this feature the operator can comfortably pick as the machine is driven straight down the row of a trellised orchard, even on steep terrain.

The other standard features of 35 5 SQUIRREL from Crendon Machinery includes a fully enclosed engine compartment, a self lubricating replaceable bushes, a handy control unit with a genuine foot control soft drive, powerful hydraulic system, large caster wheel, enclosed cage, quiet engine, large fuel tank and many more.

SQUIRREL can also be fitted with valving that give a soft start and stop greatly reducing the jerky effect that other cherry pickers have. The drive wheels features with a planetary reduction gearbox with an integrated hydraulic motor. Its hydraulic system has the capacity to handle steep and adverse conditions. SQUIRREL engine is fitted with a mechanical fuel pump.

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