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At Cressbrook Merinos , all rams are sold with full fleece measurements and scores for wool quality, weather resistance and worm resistance as well as face and feet scores. Cressbrook Merinos follows effective breeding objectives to breed ram that can improve the profitability of customer’s flocks. This is achieved by using sires and rams of superior fleece significance. To carry this process Cressbrook Merinos must find the long term compromise between fleece weight and fibre diameter.

The selection index of the breeding objectives includes a decreased fibre diameter of adult fleecelines by 2.7 micron, a clean fleece weight that is constant over the same period. Cressbrook Merinos breeds hardy sheep that has resistance to worm infestation.

Cressbrook Merinos has been combining the objective measurement and the visual assessment that can assure accurate and consistent assessment of all these characters. Customers can get an extensively tested trial for average profitability. Cressbrook Merinos is functioned by a team customers can rely on.

Each year the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) releases a ‘Merino Superior Sires’ from Cressbrook Merinos, the publication includes information related to sire evaluation sites from all around Australia.

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